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Fall & Winter Home Design

Interior design is an ever-changing field, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the flexibility to change along with it as you please. As fall is in full swing and winter has almost arrived, the overall design within your house may need an update to accommodate your seasonal decorations. Here are a few ways you can upgrade your home’s Pittsburgh fall and winter design.

Use Vibrant Hues

When you use them tastefully, bright colors can bring a lot of cheer to your home during dark and dreary months. You could commit an accent wall to a vibrant shade that complements your decorations or go for a more subtle touch with a display of patterned pots or plates. Neutral walls can also set off colorful furniture in central locations within your home.

Think Warm & Cozy

Your home will be more and more inviting as the great outdoors gets harsher and colder. To amplify the appeal for your family or guests, use warm tones that invite you to settle in for a while. Earthy shades are attractive anywhere, from your couch cushions and strategically placed textiles to your walls and trim. Bring out your blankets and piles of pillows to enhance your cozy environment.

Rearrange Your Rooms

Spending more time inside usually means spending time with the people who live there with you, so take advantage of the opportunity to bring your family closer together. Move your chairs and couches away from the walls, and form natural conversation pits where you can. If your home has a beautiful fireplace or another central location, use that to your advantage.

Bring Out the Brick

Speaking of that fireplace, brick surfaces can be a picturesque canvas for your fall and winter decor. The subdued reds and browns fit into your cozy color schemes, and the rugged surface adds a lot of character. If you’re not a fan of exposed brick, you can have it painted over in colors that fit your style better. Either way, brick fireplaces or walls have a charm that other materials just can’t match, so use it to your advantage.

Use Greens & Greenery

The changing leaves can be a reminder of the beauty of changing seasons, but as time wears on, you may find yourself wishing to see everything green and full of life again. The good news is, you have a couple of options to make that happen. Evergreen trees keep their color long after the cold sets in, so you can use the boughs as accents in any room to bring a touch of life into your home.

If pine and fir boughs aren’t enough for you, consider painting a wall or two in a shade of green. Olive green can be a pleasant balance between the warm and cozy colors you’re using elsewhere and the lively greens that you miss. If you want to mix it up a bit, incorporate other fall colors like muted reds and golden yellows into your decor. 

Don’t Forget the Floor

All the warmth and coziness you build up on the walls and furniture won’t save your freezing feet! If you have hardwood or tile floors throughout your home, use your favorite kinds of rugs to add some warmth, whether thick and plush or beautifully patterned. Either way, blend the colors with other textiles, like blankets and pillows, to hold the room together rather than distract from the comfy atmosphere.

If you need to update your walls for a simple but effective adjustment, call in Fagan Painting. The company offers interior and exterior painting services, whether you want a few easy touchups or a complete overhaul for your walls. Get in touch today to see how Fagan Painting LLC can improve your home’s Pittsburgh fall and winter design.