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Paint is a big part of home and business design, and Fagan Painting LLC is here to make sure that you get the best exterior painting possible for your home or business in Murrysville, PA. Our team of experienced exterior painters provides both commercial and residential painting applications, and we ensure that your property looks amazing for years to come.


We Do

Exterior commercial Painting

Your office building is the first impression many people get of your company, so you need to make sure it represents your company well. A quality paint job is a great way to exude professionalism and excellent services. So if you want your office to look great outside and in, contact Fagan Painting LLC today for our commercial painting services in the Murrysville, PA, area.

Exterior Painting

Your exterior paint says a lot about who you are as a company. So it’s important to choose the right color and painting company for the job. Our exterior painting services are thorough to make sure the paint looks great and lasts a long time.

Before we begin, we scour the outside of your building to remove old paint, dirt, and debris. Then we repair cracks or damaged sections to provide a smooth surface for the new paint.

Then we apply as many even and smooth coats of paint as your building needs to create a clean and professional final look.

Quality Company

Fagan Painting LLC is an experience commercial painting company in the Murrysville area, and we can help you with all your painting needs. We are committed to quality and offer a two-year warranty on our work.

If you’re ready to upgrade your commercial paint, contact us today for a free estimate at (412) 680-0102.

What We Can Do

Our services are pretty simple: we can paint the entire exterior of your building in whichever color(s) you choose. Plus, we can paint any interior room you want. But we don’t simply paint; we can prime and prepare the area for you as well. Whether that means replacing wood accents on the exterior, replacing cracked drywall, or taking down dated wallpaper, we can do it.

We guarantee the highest-quality paints and the right price, and you get a two-year warranty on all of our work. Give your commercial property a new look with commercial painting today!


There are a wide variety of ways to update the appearance of your house. Hiring a Pittsburgh painting company from the inside might provide benefits you won't find anywhere else. Pittsburgh is a historic city with beautiful buildings and kind people. Those in tune with a city's aesthetics are the best people to entrust them with your house. Let’s examine the advantages of choosing local painters in Pittsburgh, particularly when striving for the most outstanding interior paintwork.

Local Knowledge and Expertise

Hiring Pittsburgh Painters is beneficial because of their familiarity with area houses and building styles. House painters conversing with the area's building styles and history may better advise you on which colours and methods will highlight your home's features. Because of their familiarity with the local climate, they are in a prime position to recommend paints that will hold well in all seasons.

Trustworthy and Individualized Support

Local home painting services, like Home Painting Pittsburgh, add a customised touch. They are conveniently located, so clients can easily arrange consultations, site inspections, and follow-ups. They may collaborate with you to bring your ideas to reality. Furthermore, they are more likely to provide excellent service because they have established a good name in the neighbourhood.

Efficient and Economical Methods

It is generally more cost-effective to use a regional service for interior painting. House painters, commercial painters, and the like in the Pittsburgh area may save money on transportation by sourcing their supplies locally. In addition, interior painters in your region know the local housing market and can provide reliable quotes.

4 Excellent Feedback and Strong Suggestions


You may ask for recommendations if you are looking for local interior wall painters. The availability of positive suggestions and objective reviews helps make a well-informed choice. After all, the houses a painter has made over are the finest evidence of their skill.

Effective and On-Time Delivery

Painters in the area can usually complete jobs more quickly. They face fewer logistical hurdles because of the city's central location. Their proximity guarantees fast completion of the job, reducing interruptions to your daily life, whether they are a team of inside house painters or a solo interior wall painter.

Understanding of Local Regulations

Home improvement and alteration are subject to the rules and regulations of the local municipality. Pittsburgh painters who specialise in residential interiors will be familiar with all applicable laws and will work to ensure that your home's makeover meets all standards.

Responsibility to the Environment

Painters in the area generally use eco-friendly methods since they are in tune with the community's values. Buying locally helps the environment in many ways, such as using non-toxic paints and reducing trash.

Quality Control

House Painting Service Pittsburgh and similar businesses are proud of their achievements. Their track record of excellence is at stake. To achieve this goal, they source only the highest quality components, staff their operations with experts, and maintain stringent quality controls.

Pittsburgh is a city of colours, from its rivers' deep tones to its districts' lively hues. And if you want to bring some of that energy into your house, the best person to ask is someone who lives there. As a bonus to getting a freshly painted cabin, you'll be helping to make Pittsburgh an even better place to call home. The top interior painters are located in the heart of Pittsburgh, so keep that in mind when you're in the market for a new coat of paint.


“We have used Fagan Painting for two major projects at Wildwood Golf Club this past year. The first one was painting the entire outside of the Clubhouse, and the second one was removing wallpaper from one of our large dining rooms and hallway, and then painting it. They did a fabulous job on both. Their attention to detail was obvious with how beautiful the projects turned out. Both experiences with Fagan Painting were very positive from the initial contact through the completion of the job.

His quote was very reasonable and included everything from covering the carpets and windows with paper and plastic to vacuuming around the baseboards after sanding the walls. The crew was very professional, courteous, and had great communication throughout the entire process. Prior to the crew leaving, Jim (owner) walked through the project site with me to make certain that I was pleased with the results. The entire experience went smoothly from start to finish, and we will be using Fagan Painting for all our painting needs in the future.”



“Our job at the YMCA came out great! They used high quality paint and pressure washed all of the brick prior to starting. Thanks for working with us, even during this rainy week in May!!”



“Jim’s crew did a great job, very professional I would definitely recommend them.”



“Fagan Painting did a fantastic job—living room, dining room, and hall. Brian was here on time, explained everything he was doing. He took his time, covered all furniture, and was very neat and made sure I was satisfied before he left. I would highly recommend Fagan Painting, and I will definitely be using them in the future. Thanks, guys!”



“Fagan Painting completed an entire interior paint job at my new home. The quality of work and timeliness met all of our expectations! They used only quality paint products, and the results show it. From the beginning estimate until the end, it was always easy to contact Fagan Painting, and I felt well informed during the job. I would recommend Fagan Painting to anyone, and look forward to having them paint the exterior when we are ready!”



“We hired Fagan Painting to Paint our main building , and pro shop. They were very professional, fast, and the work they do is very high quality. The painters were neat and clean. Job well done!”



“Our job at the YMCA came out great! They used high quality paint and pressure washed all of the brick prior to starting. Thanks for working with us, even during this rainy week in May!!”