HOA Painting Pittsburgh, PASeveral responsibilities come with being a member of a Home Owners Association, and HOA painting is one of them. At Fagan Painting LLC, we offer quality HOA painting services to help you create that appealing look you have always desired. We have a team of professional painters to customize painting designs that match your preferences and budget.


HOA painting is not a one-size-fits-all undertaking, but there are primary steps every owner should understand. The first thing to consider is understanding the rules of your HOA. Most HOAs in Pittsburgh, PA, have unique rules for exterior painting. It’s imperative to consider your HOA painting guidelines before you make paint changes to your property.

Some HOAs allow painters to select the colors on their behalf, while some do not. Always consult the HOA board if you are unsure about the allowable paint colors, paint scheduling, repair, and maintenance responsibilities. Failing to get your HOA painting approval could result in dire consequences like hefty fines and repainting.

Once you get the approval, you can reach out to us. You will get a qualified project manager to discuss and guide you through the whole painting process. Unlike other HOA painting contractors in Pittsburgh, our painters are courteous and will keep the work area clean


The exterior paint of your rentals speaks volumes about your orderliness. At Fagan Painting LLC, our commitment is to offer quality and timely exterior painting without taking a toll on your budget. Our exterior painting in Pittsburgh is not just about the paint. It involves preparing the work area, even if it means removing old wood accents.


Most HOA’s property owners don’t require interior painting approvals. However, to be on the safe side, you need to consult your HOA’s project manager. We will help you choose the right interior painting color and designs while strictly adhering to your HOA’s painting guidelines if there are any.


Are you tired of being let down by rogue HOA painting contractors in Pittsburgh? Welcome to Fagan Painting LLC. We use premium materials to ensure we deliver the quality results you deserve. Give us a call today at 412-680-0102 to get a free estimate.