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Refresh Your Tudor-Style Home With Fresh Coats of Paint

From 1900 to 1940, countless Tudor-style homes were built around the United States, and ever since then, they have been a common sight in suburbs and cities all over the country. These beautiful homes have eye-catching exterior finishes with light-colored stucco surfaces intersected and framed by dark wooden beams. No home looks more like a cottage or gingerbread house than a Tudor-style home.

These beautiful homes do require some upkeep, and homeowners have to expect to paint both the stucco and the wood trim periodically and to update painted interior walls, too. As you prepare to update your Pittsburgh Tudor style home, you can choose to modernize it or keep it traditional. Either way, pay attention to the following details as you add a fresh coat of paint to the interior and exterior surfaces of your home.

Be Prepared to Replace Damaged Materials As You Go

Although Tudor-style homes embody a classic architectural style, most modern homes aren’t built to look like English cottages. Most owners of Tudor-style homes have to be prepared to handle all of the maintenance requirements that come with owning a home over 80 years old.

Before you or your professional painting team can begin to give your home a refreshed look, remove any rotting, damaged, or decayed finishes. If you are unsure what to look for, a professional team will usually check the stucco and wood trim for signs of decay, including cracks, dry rot, and moisture damage. 

If you find these issues, your best option is to replace the damaged finishes before adding a layer of new paint to your home. With a solid foundation underneath it, your new paint should look beautiful and protect your home for as long as possible.

Choose Paint Over Wallpaper for Interior Walls

Most Tudor-style homes aren’t just styled on the exterior. Many of these homes include luxurious interior details like natural stone and hardwood finishes. These finishes are beautiful and classic, and they fit the aesthetic of a Pittsburgh Tudor style home perfectly.

However, these finishes present homeowners with an important choice. They can either work around the finishes or replace them to completely customize their interior living space. Both options have value, but replacing interior finishes can be expensive.

If you choose to stick with your home’s traditional finishes, a clean coat of paint on exposed plaster or drywall surfaces can complement them perfectly. While wallpapers can add busy textures or patterns to an already busy space, simple painted walls can give the eyes a place to rest in an already decorated room.

Choose Either a Modern or a Traditional Paint Design

Tudor-style homes are renowned for their exterior designs. Traditionally, light-colored stucco walls contrasted beautifully with dark brown wood trim. Many Tudor-style homes still sport this classic look.

Whenever you repaint your home, you have the option to change up the style. Some homeowners choose to modernize their homes slightly by painting the exposed wood black instead of dark brown. Others choose to completely change the look of their home by painting both the stucco and wood in a light color.

Your choice here depends on the look you want. Do you want to bring your home into the 21st century, or would you rather preserve the gingerbread-house feel of your property and stay true to its roots with your paint choices? Either way, your Tudor-style home will look like a work of art.

Are you overwhelmed by your upcoming painting project on your Pittsburgh Tudor style home? At Fagan Painting LLC, painting the exterior and interior surfaces of Tudor style homes is one of our specialties. Contact us today to get a quote on your project.