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What You Should Know About Exterior Painting Projects

When you give the exterior of a residential or commercial structure a fresh coat of paint, you can dramatically increase its curb appeal, boost its resale value, or simply enjoy the way it stands out from the surrounding homes or buildings. However, you may find the prospect intimidating if you’ve never had it done before.

Once you’ve attained some basic knowledge about what goes into the planning and execution of a Pittsburgh exterior painting project, you can leap into your endeavor with greater confidence. Discover some key factors to consider.

How to Select the Right Color Scheme

Color selection can stump homeowners or business owners who lack experience in exterior design or renovation. The effects of sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays on the colors should play a role in your decision, as well as the architectural style and colored features such as asphalt roofing and hardwood doors.

Since the architectural style represents the most permanent aspect of your exterior design, you must choose a color scheme that supports that style. As a general rule, simpler architectural styles such as ranch-style homes require fewer colors than more elaborate Victorian designs.

Location should also figure into your choice of color scheme. A seaside home, for instance, may benefit from lots of white complemented by other light, cool colors that harmonize with the beach and water. A neighborhood dominated by dignified tradition may not appreciate a selection of shocking colors or contrasts.

Choose lighter colors of trim to set off darker wall panels and other exterior features and vice-versa. Keep in mind that full-spectrum sunlight may make warm colors such as brown or tan appear several shades cooler than you’d originally assumed. Compensate in advance by choosing even warmer colors.

When Painting Makes More Sense Than Resurfacing

Vinyl siding has proven increasingly popular as a relatively easy way to create an entirely new look for homes or any other Pittsburgh exterior painting project. However, while you may feel tempted simply to cover up your existing exterior with colored vinyl, repainting the old surfaces will preserve the attractive textures featured by the original materials.

If your home or building already sports vinyl siding that has seen better days, you may have the option of repainting the vinyl instead of replacing it (assuming that the vinyl remains structurally sound). This strategy can prove significantly cheaper than embarking on a full-scale siding replacement job.

Why Exteriors Require Skilled Professional Painters

Don’t attempt to take on an exterior painting project yourself or hire a well-meaning amateur for the job. The money you might save upfront may pale in comparison to the additional costs of repairing damage, repainting entire sections of the exterior, or paying medical bills related to avoidable accidents.

Make certain that you’ve hired a reputable contractor with experience in high-quality for your Pittsburgh exterior painting project. Ask for documentation of the company’s liability coverage on their personnel or whether they have their own employees or engage subcontractors for the work. Review the contractor’s licenses and references as well.

Exterior paint jobs pose some special challenges that put this professional expertise to the test. For instance, exterior surfaces must undergo careful sanding, cleaning, and other preparations before the job even starts. Without these steps, your new paint job may flake, peel, or develop unsightly mottling.

The wrong choice of paint can also sabotage an exterior painting project. Professional contractors know to use paints specially formulated to withstand the elements. The use of indoor paint as opposed to outdoor paint can result in the paint job appearing chalky or moldy (with dirt accumulation responsible for the moldy look).

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