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Superior House Painting in Pittsburgh, PA

The right paint keeps your home looking fresh and clean. And Fagan Painting LLC is the one to call for all your painting needs. Our exterior and interior painting services can update your home and give it a new style that you’ll love. If you live in Pittsburgh, PA, or surrounding areas, call us for expert exterior and interior painters.

When Do You Need House Painting Services?

Paint doesn’t last forever, and neither do styles and trends. Many people choose to repaint periodically to keep their home fresh and up to date, but even if you are happy with your current colors and styles, you may still need to repaint your home eventually.

Your home can benefit from a new coat of paint when:

  • The paint is peeling or cracking.
  • The paint is faded or uneven.
  • The paint is bubbling.

Of course, if your home is older and painted with lead paint, you can rely on our house interior painting services to repaint your home to remove the risk and give you a cleaner paint job.

How Do We Paint Your Home?

A new coat of paint is worthless without the right preparations beforehand. Our job at Fagan Painting LLC is to make sure we ready your walls in a way that allows the new paint to adhere well and last a long time. Before we paint, we:

  • Remove dirt, debris, and old paint
  • Sand interior walls and repair exterior walls
  • Apply a layer of mud for a smooth coating
  • Sand down the mud

After we’ve provided a smooth and clear surface, we begin our house exterior painting and interior painting. We inspect our paint job throughout the job to make sure it is always even and smooth. Plus, we take care to put down drops cloths to keep your home clean during the process.

If you want experienced and quality home exterior painting or interior painting, call us today at (412) 680-0102.


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Peeling Paint?

When the job seems too big, and you don't know what to do, call your Pittsburgh house painter Fagan Painting LLC today for a free quote. We are your hometown painting company. We can restore the beauty of your home at a reasonable price. Pittsburgh house painting with no stress. Relax while we take your house through a step-by-step cosmetic journey.

Peeling Paint

Prep Is Very Important

We take pride in taking every step to ensure the highest quality of work. Great Pittsburgh house painters are hard to find; look no further. Check our great reviews online today, and give us a call for a free estimate.

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We guarantee all of our works with a two-year warranty. If the coating fails to-do application, Fagan Painting LLC will fix the specified area for free, for two years. Pittsburgh house painting is a must with all the seasonal weather we get in Pennsylvania. Don't wait too long, or it just gets worse. The sooner you call us, the lower the cost. The sooner the better.

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Pittsburgh House Painters’ Process List

What You Are Paying for When Hiring a House Painter in Pittsburgh

There are many steps involved in the process of painting your house.

House painting underway in Pittsburgh, PA

Wall Sanding

Sanding the walls before preparation ensures an excellent bond to the surface, for the Spackle, primer, caulk, and the paint. This also makes for an excellent finished product. Pittsburgh house painting is done with a step-by-step process.

Mud Work

Mud work is a must-have to guarantee a smooth and level surface. The mud work must be done the proper way for the right end result. House painting is a lot of work and requires a whole lot of cleanup. Drop cloths must be used to cover adjacent surfaces. With this house, they were getting new floors after the paint job, but we still used drop cloths and cleaned up at the end.


More Sanding, Then Priming

Sanding is required after the mud work is complete. Once all sanding is finished, all mud-prepped surfaces must be primed to ensure a great, long-lasting bond to the surfaces. Once this process is finished, the first coat of paint can be applied.

The Final Steps

All the steps in house painting are necessary to ensure the greatest result.


Then, we apply the first coat.


After the first coat is applied, a thorough inspection with a very bright light of every surface is necessary to find flaws in the preparation. The paint helps reveal any such errors. Pittsburgh house painting requires a lot of attention to detail.


Even in Some Rare Cases, Even More Mud Work

Sometimes, additional mud work is needed before the finish coat. All of these spots must be prepped with mud, sanded, primed, painted, and then the final topcoat (finish coat) of paint is applied. The result is amazing!