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Paint is a big part of home and business design, and Fagan Painting LLC is here to make sure that you get the best interior painting possible for your home or business in Squirrel Hill, PA. Our team of experienced interior painters provides both commercial and residential painting applications, and we ensure that your property looks amazing for years to come.


We Do

Interior commercial Painting

Your office building is the first impression many people get of your company, so you need to make sure it represents your company well. A quality paint job is a great way to exude professionalism and excellent services. So if you want your office to look great outside and in, contact Fagan Painting LLC today for our commercial painting services in the Squirrel Hill, PA, area.


Paint can make a big difference in your indoor work environment. So let us help you choose the right colors and application techniques for your office. We can provide a range of colors to match your décor or workplace needs. And our application is guaranteed to be high-quality and satisfactory.

We use only the best paints that apply evenly and last for years. So when you choose us for your painting services, you can trust that you’ll be happy with the final results.

Quality Company

Fagan Painting LLC is an experience commercial painting company in the Squirrel Hill area, and we can help you with all your painting needs. We are committed to quality and offer a two-year warranty on our work.

If you’re ready to upgrade your commercial paint, contact us today for a free estimate at (412) 680-0102.

What We Can Do

Our services are pretty simple: we can paint the entire exterior of your building in whichever color(s) you choose. Plus, we can paint any interior room you want. But we don’t simply paint; we can prime and prepare the area for you as well. Whether that means replacing wood accents on the exterior, replacing cracked drywall, or taking down dated wallpaper, we can do it.

We guarantee the highest-quality paints and the right price, and you get a two-year warranty on all of our work. Give your commercial property a new look with commercial painting today!


It isn't easy to settle on a single paint color for your house. It's simple to get lost among all the various tones and tints. But if you call Pittsburgh home, you may draw motivation from the city's historic significance and four different seasons. If you want your Pittsburgh house to reflect your unique personality while still capturing the city's spirit, use this color palette as a starting point.

  • Grasp the Structure

Pittsburgh is a city where old and new harmoniously coexist. Learn the ins and outs of your home's design before picking paint colors. Here is when professional interior painters come in handy. They can advise on paint colors that suit your home's unique features and age.

  • Think About the Outdoors

Pittsburgh is surrounded by two rivers—the Allegheny and the Monongahela—both contribute to the city's abundance of natural splendor. Use these colors as a starting point for your creativity. Soft blues and aquas might allude to the city's waterways, while soft greens can recall its parks and greenery.

  • Take a Walk Around the Block

Keeping the house's aesthetic in line with its neighbors is essential. Go for a stroll and pay attention to the colors that predominate where you are. It is common practice for home painters and house painting firms to have portfolios of their previous work.

  • Make the Most of the Available Light

There is a wide variety of lighting conditions in Pittsburgh. House painters can help you visualize how paint colors will look in your home's interior. A hue that pops in the bright summer sun may seem subdued under the grey winter skies.

  • Consideration for Home Decorations

Your outside appearance should reflect or even expand upon your inner qualities. If you're thinking about painting the inside of your home, make sure the colors flow nicely from the outside in. A professional painter of interior walls can help you coordinate color schemes for a polished effect.

  • Get Expert Advice

When deciding what is as important as painting your house, there is no shame in consulting an expert. Pittsburgh's professional painters, both commercial and residential, have the expertise to provide informed suggestions. Their knowledge of materials, details, and current styles might be invaluable when deciding on a course of action.

  • Consider Maintenance

Even more important than how something looks is how well it functions. Darker colors may reveal their age more rapidly than their lighter counterparts. For a color that lasts for years, talk to experts like Painting Contractors Pittsburgh or Inside Painting Contractors Pittsburgh about the upkeep involved and the expense of painting the inside.

  • Recognize the Authentic Color Scheme

Respect the history of your Pittsburgh house if it is historic. Different periods of architecture have their signature color schemes. Home painters, particularly those focusing on landmark structures, may help you choose colors that will update your property without compromising its character.

  • Make It Your Own

Remember that your house should reflect your sense of style even as you pay close attention to the city's culture, neighboring homes, and architectural features. Pittsburgh Painters, Pittsburgh House Painters, and Pittsburgh Interior Painters can help you make your house seem just how you envisioned it.

The mood and atmosphere of your house are determined by the colors you pick for its walls. Choosing the proper color may seem daunting, but it can become a fun adventure with the right attitude and expert advice. You may make your Pittsburgh house a reflection of your aspirations and the city's charm if you take that color swatch, talk to the professionals, and get started on the process.


“We have used Fagan Painting for two major projects at Wildwood Golf Club this past year. The first one was painting the entire outside of the Clubhouse, and the second one was removing wallpaper from one of our large dining rooms and hallway, and then painting it. They did a fabulous job on both. Their attention to detail was obvious with how beautiful the projects turned out. Both experiences with Fagan Painting were very positive from the initial contact through the completion of the job.

His quote was very reasonable and included everything from covering the carpets and windows with paper and plastic to vacuuming around the baseboards after sanding the walls. The crew was very professional, courteous, and had great communication throughout the entire process. Prior to the crew leaving, Jim (owner) walked through the project site with me to make certain that I was pleased with the results. The entire experience went smoothly from start to finish, and we will be using Fagan Painting for all our painting needs in the future.”



“Our job at the YMCA came out great! They used high quality paint and pressure washed all of the brick prior to starting. Thanks for working with us, even during this rainy week in May!!”



“Jim’s crew did a great job, very professional I would definitely recommend them.”



“Fagan Painting did a fantastic job—living room, dining room, and hall. Brian was here on time, explained everything he was doing. He took his time, covered all furniture, and was very neat and made sure I was satisfied before he left. I would highly recommend Fagan Painting, and I will definitely be using them in the future. Thanks, guys!”



“Fagan Painting completed an entire interior paint job at my new home. The quality of work and timeliness met all of our expectations! They used only quality paint products, and the results show it. From the beginning estimate until the end, it was always easy to contact Fagan Painting, and I felt well informed during the job. I would recommend Fagan Painting to anyone, and look forward to having them paint the exterior when we are ready!”



“We hired Fagan Painting to Paint our main building , and pro shop. They were very professional, fast, and the work they do is very high quality. The painters were neat and clean. Job well done!”



“Our job at the YMCA came out great! They used high quality paint and pressure washed all of the brick prior to starting. Thanks for working with us, even during this rainy week in May!!”