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Painting is a time-consuming process that requires specialized equipment and knowledge. So leave it to the professional painters at Fagan Painting LLC. We provide interior and exterior painting services in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding areas. Our team works hard, communicates clearly, and provides upfront pricing for all of our work.

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We take the time to do every job right. That’s why we start each paint job by covering any surfaces or furniture that could get paint on them with plastic, drop clothes, paper, and tape. In addition, we will also remove any wallpaper or stucco on your walls that you don’t want and can replace any wood. We’ll also do wall repairs and pressure wash the home’s exterior if needed. Then we start painting.

During the job, the foreman will walk around with you to ensure that everything is progressing the way you want it to. Once we’ve finished painting, we’ll check one more time to ensure that everything is up to our high-quality standards. Then, our team will clean up the area, making sure to pick up any trash and tidy up any surfaces. We’ll also vacuum your floors if we did interior painting for you.

Learn About Our Team

At Fagan Painting LLC, we take the time to thoroughly train our painters. This way we know that they’ll do the job right when we send them to you. This also allows us to say with confidence that we have some of the best painters in the Pittsburgh, PA, area.

All of our painters are excellent at communication and can answer any of your questions. They can also assist you in picking out the correct paint for your needs as well as deciding which colors could best fit your vision. For exterior or interior residential painting, call our team at (412) 680-0102 or email us at

Fagan Painting LLC

Professional Painting Company in Pittsburgh Pa.

Preparation on most jobs equals well over half of the overall work required to obtain the desired result. A real professional painter follows these concepts for many reasons. If the building is put through all the proper preparation steps in the correct order, it goes for a much smoother job. In addition to saving a great deal of time. The time that is saved gives the painter the ability to focus on the more important fine details of the paint job. A true professional painter also follows these steps to ensure safety for the worker and the customer. Plastic, paper, and drop cloths are used to cover all adjacent surfaces when necessary. This guarantees no spills, drips, sags, or overspray. We have painted all types of buildings all over Pittsburgh PA.

Exterior painting old school real Stone English Style Tudors in Pittsburgh Pa.

At Fagan painting LLC we have a great reputation for restoring English Style Tudors. We have completed many all over Pittsburgh PA. You can Read the testimonial from Barry Rabkin on our testimonials page, you can also find that same review verified on yelp. His home was an English Style Tutor in squirrel Hill. In addition, another English Style Tutor we painted is Historical St Clair Country Club, you can also find a review on our testimonials page from the maintenance supervisor Eric Wineinski. We have restored many homes in that area as well as all around the Pittsburgh area including Point Breeze and east end. Our Exterior painting restorations are guaranteed. This job below was done for a customer over in Mt Lebanon, just finished today 11/6/20. Testimonial is below.

“Everything Looks great! and Vince did a great job working with us, Thank you Ashley S.”



Job in progress. From start to finish, we do it right.

Fagan Painting LLC

We do wood replacement, stucco repair, wall paper removal, wall repair, and much more... If your home project involves painting, we can handle it. We are your Pittsburgh Professional Painters.

Complete restoration, takes time and dedication.

Fagan Painting LLC

From start to finish, we make sure your satisfied through the whole process. Our foremen will walk around with you periodically, to ensure great communication. Our employees are trained to provide you with the best professional painting experience possible.

Professional Painters produce real results, the first time.

Fagan Painting LLC

When the job is finished you will love the result. Our professional painters are some of the best in Pittsburgh. They are highly trained to beautify your home, and make it look truly amazing!

The right preparation is important to ensure a clean, fresh result.

Fagan Painting LLC

We cover all adjacent surfaces, with plastic, tape, paper, and drop clothes. All proper painting procedures are followed at all times. The customer can relax knowing that they hired the right Pittsburgh Professional Painters to do the job.

Beautiful, professional look. Done by great Professional Painters.

Fagan Painting LLC

When we finish before we leave we do a very extensive clean up. The customers house is left clean and fresh. We remove all trash accumulated during the project. all floors are vacuumed, trim and surfaces are wiped if needed.

Any type of residential painting, interior or exterior.

Fagan Painting LLC

Even if the house is very small, or hasn't been painted in many years, give us a call today. you would be amazed what a professional painter can do for your home.


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We are the Pittsburgh Professional Painters to make that happen. Done right the first time. High quality, fast, and convenient. Professional Painters will make your day.

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We are the Professional Painters for the job. Call us today and book an appointment with Jim for a free estimate. Professional painters with great work ethic. See what other customers say about the quality of our work.

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