Fagan Painting Office Painting Services Pittsburgh PAWhen clients visit your company, they start anticipating the kind of services they will likely get by looking at the office’s exterior appearance. An adequately painted office exudes professionalism, and the clients gain confidence in the services you are about to offer them. For this reason, we at Fagan Painting LLC have been at the forefront of improving office outlooks in Pittsburgh, PA, through unique and excellent painting designs.


Once you hire our team, we don’t just work to finish the job. Whether it’s a cubicle or open-plan office layout, we work to complete your project in time, within your budget, and without disturbing your work environment.


Paint speaks in the silence of the office occupant. So, never make a mistake when choosing the color and the contractor for the job. The good thing is that you can trust our exterior painting services to deliver more than you expect.

We apply our painting coats keenly to ensure durable and great looks. Before painting, we first prepare the surfaces to befit the whole process and then blend different colors to develop that professional and official ambiance.


A beautifully painted indoor work environment is by itself a motivation to the employees. When the office space is appealing, even the workers are motivated to spend more hours working, hence boosting productivity. So let our technicians guide you in choosing the best color blends for your office interior décor and be sure of a high-quality end product.


If you need a reliable office painting contractor in Pittsburgh, Fagan Painting LLC has built an outstanding reputation providing both exterior and interior office painting services throughout the area. Our team is committed to offering you top-notch services that exceed your expectations.

The beauty of our services is that we offer a two-year warranty on all our projects. Please contact us today to get a free quote and see how we can improve your office space.