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Exploring New Interior Paint Trends for 2021

You have no better time than the present to embark on a remodeling project for your home. In fact, the home has become more important than ever, as more people working from home, school at home, and entertain at home due to safety and health concerns related to the pandemic. Explore new Pittsburgh interior paint trends to help you decide on the perfect color for your interior walls to make your home sweet home the place you love to be.

Bold Blue

Blue remains a popular color choice in interior design — and for good reason. Who can resist the calming affect blue brings to a room? From pastel blues in the nursery to smoky blues in living rooms and bedrooms, blue is loved by many for its serene and peaceful hues.

Look for bold shades of blue to pop up everywhere in interiors in 2021. From deep navy blues to rich denim blues, you will enjoy the boldness blue brings to your home. Whether you paint an accent wall or an entire room, blue will be right at home in any living space.

Complementary Gray

Gray has been a popular color choice in interior design for years, and while it has some stiff competition in 2021, do not expect gray to fade away any time soon. Known for its ability to play well with other colors, plenty of gray will still be on walls across the country again this year. Look for it to remain a popular choice for modern farmhouse-style kitchens and living rooms.

However, gray will be seen more with contrasting colors in 2021 rather than alone. Paired with red or yellow in the kitchen, gray will still play a vital part in the transformation of living spaces. Since gray plays well with most colors, pick your favorite shade to pair with gray and be prepared for a breathtaking home transformation.

Warm Brown

If you think brown is boring, look again in 2021. No longer overlooked, brown is making a fashion statement in interior design trends. From rich chocolate brown to soft shades of clay, brown will warm up your walls in any room of the home.

For a warm but sophisticated look, pair light shades of brown with white trim and dark grey accents to create an eye-pleasing contrast in any room of the home. Earthy and inviting, brown is a great fit for rustic design style but will be equally at home in modern and contemporary styles. Subtle hues of beige and brown will create a welcoming look in your living space that will envelop you with their soft and comforting presence.

Refreshing Green

Refreshing and energizing, grassy shades of green will likely grow in popularity in interior design in 2021. Often seen as a symbol of health and nature, green is the perfect fit for a home gym or exercise room. Invite refreshing green into your home office and inspire your productivity to soar.

Use soft shades of green, such as seafoam or minty greens, in a nursery, bedroom, or meditation room to instill serenity in the room. For a fun and playful color combination, pair soft greens with deep shades of teal in a family room or child’s bedroom.

Whether you plan to update your home office to make working at home more comfortable, create a gym and fitness room for your family, or simply want to give your interior walls a fresh and updated look, the 2021 Pittsburgh interior paint trends will not disappoint. With all the beautiful shades to choose from, you are sure to fall in love with one or more that will be a great fit for your living space.

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