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Painting and Decorating Your Dining Room

When you have guests over for dinner, lunch, brunch, or even dessert, they’ll spend a lot of time in your dining room. While the area doesn’t always get enough credit in evaluations, it can play a critical role in the experience guests have while you host them. Use these Pittsburgh dining room painting tips to accentuate your dining room to its best advantage and help your guests have the time of their lives.

Determine Your Needs

You may live in a two-bedroom apartment with one or two close friends or a five-bedroom farmhouse with more square footage than you know how to use. You’ll have to determine the needs of your family and guests in every element of your dining space before you make any substantial choices. 

Gather Around the Table

The shape and size of your table can make a substantial difference in the atmosphere your room creates. If you have a rectangular dining room, a thin and long dining room table will allow you to seat more people and move about the room. For a room shaped more like a square, consider a circular table that will fit all of your guests. Either way, the shape of your table should make everyone feel like part of the gathering. 

Light Up the Room

If any spot is suited to a spectacular light fixture, it’s the dining room. If you already have a chandelier, you can choose the rest of your pieces to complement it; if not, look for one that goes well with your table, chairs, and other furnishings. You can also tone down the brilliance of the central light fixture; candles on the table or layered lights on the walls will create a softer glow.  

Color Them Impressed

In every room, the coloration will go a long way toward creating the ambience, and the dining room is no exception. You can set off brightly colored furniture with soft neutral walls or vice versa. The style of the rest of your home may affect what you choose for your dining room. Incorporate white, brick red, and natural wood for the fashionable farmhouse look or deep jewel tones to create a more vintage look.

With color (and decorations, as you’ll see momentarily) you won’t want to overwhelm your diners with too much to view. Eating together around a table should be a time of fellowship and relaxation, so even elegance should contribute to those aspirations. If you’re not sure what will go best with your fixtures and furniture, stick to a neutral color palette — you can always dress it up later. 

Add Odds and Ends

When you have knickknacks on every surface and colors that draw your eye to every corner of the room, your guests may become disoriented as they try to absorb everything. Clutter often translates to a messy and disorganized feeling, which isn’t what you want for your guests or family. Instead, take to heart the principle that less is more and make each decoration count.

When you have bare walls except for a single picture or a clear table beside the spectacular centerpiece, it gives each item that much more weight. Rather than allowing many small pieces to vie for attention in a crowded room, you can designate a central element to admire and set to rest afterward.

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