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Choosing the Best Color for Your Home Office Remodel

Often neglected in the past, the home office is getting a lot of attention in interior design today. With more people working from home, the desire for a beautiful and functional workspace is growing in popularity. Unlike their sterile appearances in the past, today’s home offices are rich with color and exude a warm and inviting atmosphere with all the comforts of home.

Here are some Pittsburgh home office paint colors ideas for your home office.

Neutral Colors

The neutral color palettes found in today’s home offices are anything but bland and boring. If you prefer the simplistic look of gray, beige, or white, use your favorite shade alone to create a clean background you can design the rest of your office around. Your favorite neutral color will work as a fresh palette and gives you endless options to add a pop of color to your office with accent pieces because everything will match the neutral walls.

Pair neutral colors together to create a natural look that exudes warmth and a hint of sophistication. For instance, paint the walls a medium gray and choose white or beige for trim. Paint an accent wall black and the remaining walls white to make a dramatic statement in your home office.

Soft and Subtle Colors

Invite soft and subtle colors into your home office and watch a soothing and relaxing transition take place. Pittsburgh home office paint colors can include subtle shades of pink and blue that are no longer just for the nursery. Soft pastels are a perfect choice if you want to create an office atmosphere that is peaceful and serene and will boost your concentration.

Look for soft shades of pink with peach or coral hues to add a hint of romantic charm to your home office. Periwinkle blue with its lavender hues will bring a relaxing and summery feel to your home office any season of the year. Subtle hues create beauty without being distracting, which allows you to focus on the work at hand.

Bright and Bold Colors

If bold colors make you happy, there is no reason to keep them out of the home office, and they make an attention-grabbing backdrop for all those virtual office meetings you participate in throughout your workweek.

From bright reds to royal blues, bold colors bring an unexpected and playful look to the home office. To keep bold colors from becoming too overpowering, consider painting one or two walls in a bold color and the remaining walls white to lower the color temperature in the room. 

If purple is your passion, choose a bold shade of purple for an accent wall and paint the remaining walls lavender to create the perfect purple palette to bring a feeling of royalty to the home office. If you cannot get enough of pink, paint an accent wall in a bold hot pink. Complement remaining walls with a soft gray to create an office that looks both professional and pretty. 

Energizing and Refreshing Colors

If you feel inspired by nature, refreshing and energizing shades of green will be a welcome addition to your home office. Staring at a computer screen all day can lead to eye strain. From grass green to minty hues, any shade of green is refreshing and will provide a welcome respite from technology. 

Yellow will bring a feeling of optimism to the home office. From lemony yellow to pale yellow, bringing yellow into your home office will make even the most dreary days appear sunny. Pair yellow with green accent pieces to double the refreshment and energy level in your home office. 

Choosing the best color for your office is the first step in getting your home office remodeling project off to a great start. The color you choose should reflect your unique personality and create an environment that reduces stress and inspires creativity. Contact Fagan Painting LLC to discuss the best Pittsburgh home office paint colors to help you design a beautiful home office you will enjoy working in each day.