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5 Exterior Color Combinations for a Yellow Base

Yellow is a popular color for homes for many reasons. People generally associate the color with happiness and cheer. Naturally, the sun looks yellow, so you often think of warmth and even coziness when it comes to the color.

So, perhaps you’re thinking of incorporating yellow into an exterior color scheme. Below are some Pittsburgh yellow base color combinations and how they can work for your house.

1. Yellow with White             

Yellow is the lightest color on the spectrum. So, some homeowners hesitate to match a yellow exterior with white trim. They may fear that the effect will be too washed out. That said, white is one of the most popular trim colors, so it leaves these homeowners in a quandary.

Though yellow is low on the color spectrum, it does come in different shades and tones. So, you could choose a more vibrant shade to go with white trim. You likely don’t want a lemon yellow but think instead of a yellow with some depth of color. This color combination is more subtle. Therefore, it’s a good choice if you don’t want the façade to appear ostentatious.

2. Yellow with Black

Of course, black is the opposite of white. It also carries the opposite effect when you match it with yellow. Indeed, yellow with black is a bold color combination that you see in a range of fashions. The color black works by making yellow pop in Pittsburgh yellow base color combinations.

To that end, you may want to use black sparingly for this color combination. For instance, you could use black as an accent color to bring vibrancy to the yellow-white combination. For instance, consider choosing black shutters to go with yellow walls and white trim. A black-yellow palette could also be a striking complement for a modern house.

3. Yellow with Gray

Gray naturally marks the halfway point between black and white. It’s also a natural neutral, one that’s considered quite sophisticated. It may seem like the opposite of cheerful yellow, and it is to a point. However, you can use that contrast to your benefit if you fancy a touch of creativity.

Like black, the matching of gray with yellow can complement a modern house. Many modern houses feature accent walls even on the outside, so you could choose gray for that wall. You could choose a bright or deep yellow to that end. If you have a traditional house, consider a subdued yellow with deep gray, which will appear quite chic.

4. Yellow with Red

Yellow and red are both warm colors. However, they’re not often paired together because they can compete if used at full saturation. Nonetheless, the presence of red in your existing façade — say bricks or a terra cotta roof — shouldn’t prevent you from choosing the color for your exterior.

The key to this look is to choose shades, which aren’t the full concentration of the colors. For instance, you could match a deep yellow with the bricks or terra cotta. Conversely, you could opt for a light yellow, so the brick or terra cotta take center stage.

5. Yellow with Blue

Yellow and blue are on opposite sides of the color spectrum. Therefore, they create complementary or contrasting effects in Pittsburgh yellow base color combinations. Putting blue with yellow can have a similar effect as with red in that they can compete. So, again, the key is to stay away from full concentrations of the hues.

A way to play it safe is to choose a deep shade of blue such as navy. The color will carry a similar effect as with black. As with black, you can use the navy for shutters or other accent trim. That said, if you fancy a whimsical effect, consider an aqua or teal hue. You’ll need to use the color judiciously, but the effect can be charming.

Don’t be afraid to inject some cheer into your house’s façade with some Pittsburgh yellow base color combinations. When you’re ready for the paint job itself, contact Fagan Painting.