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Find the Perfect Gray for Your Kitchen Walls

It is no wonder gray continues to be wildly popular in interior kitchen design. Grays ability to play well with other colors across the color spectrum gives you endless decorating options. Gray can be sophisticated or serene, depending on the shade, and choosing the right grays for Pittsburgh kitchen walls will create the perfect backdrop to inspire the rest of your kitchen design.

Light Grays

Light shades of gray are the most versatile in kitchen design and give you the freedom to create the mood you desire in your kitchen. For instance, light gray paired with beige trim and countertops will create a warm and inviting look. For a sophisticated look, use light gray with white cabinets and black countertops.

Light gray is a good choice for kitchens that are short on windows and lack natural light, as light shades of gray give the kitchen an open and airy feel. Light shades of gray complement stainless steel, black, or neutral appliance colors well.

Medium Grays

If you love a traditional or country look in the kitchen, choose a medium gray for walls to add the perfect touch of old-fashioned charm to the room. Red is often a popular color in country or traditional style kitchens, and a medium gray is a perfect match for red. Whether you prefer a country-style rustic red or enjoy the boldness of fire engine red, medium gray walls are the perfect background palette to handle any shade of red you bring to the kitchen.

Medium gray walls are also a great choice if you wish to use multiple shades of gray in the kitchen to form a cohesive look. Medium gray walls allow you to choose dark gray for cabinets or flooring and complete the look by using light gray for doors, windows, and trim. Another option is to pair medium gray walls with light gray cabinets and a dark gray countertop to create an eye-appealing gray palette in the kitchen.

Dark Grays

When it comes to grays for Pittsburgh kitchen walls, you do not have to be afraid of the dark. Deep and dark tones of gray will add a dramatic touch to any style kitchen. However, deep hues of gray can overpower the kitchen, especially if your kitchen is small.

Always use deep shades of gray with light colors to balance out the room. For instance, deep gray walls will make white cabinets pop in the kitchen. You may also choose to paint an accent wall dark gray and the remaining walls sea foam green or pale blue to add a subtle hint of color and create balance while making the dark gray wall the focal point of the room.  

Warm Versus Cool Grays

Warm and cool tones can be found in light, medium, or dark shades of gray. Warm and cool tones of gray can affect the mood in the kitchen. Knowing what type of mood you are trying to create is important when selecting a warm or cool shade of gray.

If you prefer a traditional kitchen with a homey appeal that is warm and inviting, choose shades of gray in a warm tone. Beige-tinged grays and muted grays fall into this category. If you wish to create a crisp, clean, or modern look in the kitchen, you should look for cooler tones of gray, such as bluish grays.

Finding the right grays for Pittsburgh kitchen walls is the first step to creating a beautiful kitchen. Whether your style is modern farmhouse, contemporary, or traditional, gray will be right at home in your kitchen and will give you endless possibilities for accenting your kitchen. Contact Fagan Painting LLC to discuss which grays for Pittsburgh kitchen walls and your style.