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Why and How to Create a Whole-House Color Palette

Does your home have a Pittsburgh house color palette? If not, it may be time to update your look with this paint strategy. What is a whole-house color palette? Why do you need one? And how can you create yours? Here’s a guide for anyone looking to freshen up their living space. 

What Is a Whole-House Color Palette?

A whole-house color palette is a holistic approach to the color schemes for each room. Rather than focus on that individual room as a separate entity, a whole-house palette treats the home as a single unit with different zones or chapters. This method takes into consideration how rooms appear when moving from one to another, and seeks to make them less jarring and more welcoming. But this strategy also allows for individuality and creativity. 

The means you use to craft your color palette can vary. You might use as many as two dozen individual colors and hues in a large house or you may want to keep a small home’s palette down to 3 to 5 colors. Homeowners might design a palette for each floor of the house or unify the entire space. And you can use the color wheel in different ways to give your palette variety. 

What Does a Palette Add to Your Home?

What are the benefits of this approach? It can make your home feel more updated and modern, serving as an inexpensive whole-house makeover. If you plan to sell the house, a united palette boosts the look of the home. It can even make it feel larger or camouflage unusual elements. And having a color scheme helps homeowners who may not know where to start with their interior design needs. 

How Can You Craft the Right Palette?

So, if you want a unified color palette, how can you design one? Approaches vary. You might start by defining a color season or mood you want to create. Spring colors are light and airy, filled with pastels and modern trends. A fall color palette, on the other hand, is warmer and homier with deep and intense colors. Rather than moods, you might also find inspiration in environments, such as the beach or the lake. 

You could also approach the project by identifying a base color or two. It might be your favorite color or the color of some house feature that you can’t change. Using this as a central point of inspiration, use the color wheel to identify the colors that work with it. In addition, you can add hues and shades of this color to fill out your palette and avoid making things too matchy-matchy.

Finally, some homeowners begin by designing the color scheme for their largest or most central room. If you know what you want to do with the large living room, you can use it as a foundation to spread this palette out into the rest of the home and modify it for use in other rooms. If the main room features blue shades, you might use green — an analogous color on the color wheel — in the adjacent dining room. 

Where Can You Learn More?

Some homeowners may feel intimidated by trying to design an entire home that works cohesively. If you feel this way, consult with interior design professionals. A professional painting service has experience with color shades and hues as well as how the color wheel is used to craft a Pittsburgh house color palette. They can take out the guesswork by giving you expert opinions. 

Fagan Painting LLC offers full-service painting to help you execute your new color scheme, whether it’s in one room or the whole house. Call today to make an appointment and see how we can serve you.