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The color of a building’s interior paint has effects that go beyond mere appearance, and you want to take these effects into account when choosing colors for a building. Here are some tips to help you pick the right Pittsburgh interior paint color for the kind of property that you own.

Small Condominium: Soft and Bright Colors

If you live in a small condominium, space is the preeminent focus of all decor decisions. Not only should you maximize useable space by keeping decorations to a minimum, but you also should choose designs that make what space you do have appear to be larger than it actually is.

With regard to color choice, this leads to a palette of soft and bright colors. Off-white is about as soft and bright as you can get, but light blues and light greens can work well also if you want some color. 

If you do choose to go with color, try painting the trim a little brighter than the walls themselves. This will give the illusion that the walls are set back a little and that there’s more depth within a room.

In rooms with windows, you can mix a colored accent wall with three off-white walls for an even stronger visual effect. Put the accent color on the windowed wall, and people’s eyes will be drawn to the window and the spacious outdoors. The other three walls will reflect natural light that flows in during the day to brighten the room even more.

Tiny Houses: Natural Colors

If you have a tiny house, you can also take advantage of the space-emphasizing principles that soft and bright colors offer. Among the potential colors, though, focus on the ones that occur in the landscape around you. Unless you have waterfront property, this will likely result in using greens rather than blues because blue is uncommon in nature. 

Natural colors will help incorporate your tiny home into its surroundings. This not only creates a beautiful aesthetic, but it also helps the outdoors seem more like they are part of your house. When the outdoors are a natural extension of your home, you can create a patio outside that increases the usable square footage you have.

To further emphasize the fusing of your indoor and outdoor space, use the same color both inside your tiny home and in any outdoor patio that you build. You can paint the patio itself the same color. This will create a fairly seamless transition from one space to the next.

Rental Units: Off-White Walls

When painting a rental unit, one of the easiest colors to go with is an off-white or white color. An offwhite might hide minor scuff marks a little better, but either option will offer the same main benefits.

First, off-white and white are both neutral colors so they’ll go with any decor. They’ll match any potential tenants’ belongings, which means you won’t have applicants decide not to rent just because their stuff will clash with the walls. 

Also, you can use whatever carpet, countertops, and other materials are on clearance when you finish a place. You don’t have to worry about how things will look with the walls and instead, can focus more on the cost of these items when you need to replace them.

Second, touchups can quickly be made if all of your unit’s walls are the same off-white or white. Tenants can purchase their own paint to touch up nail holes and scuff marks, and professional painters can go through the entire place quickly if you need everything repainted. When color matching isn’t an issue, painting walls is quick work.

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