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Paint Tips to Sell Your House Faster

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Many homeowners carry out home improvements to make their houses more attractive to potential buyers. The key is to balance investment with return. One investment that typically has a positive return is painting.

If you’re getting ready to sell your house, consider painting both the interior and exterior to freshen it up. Naturally, the colors you choose will also impact the resale value. Discover which colors will generally appeal to a wide audience of buyers. Follow these Pittsburgh painting tips to sell your house faster and make your houses more attractive to potential buyers.

Exterior Paint

The ideal color of exterior paint partially depends on the style of the house. Some houses call for specific color schemes. For instance, Victorian houses typically feature a multi-color scheme with at least one hue. What’s more, an exterior detail such as brick siding can dictate what your house color should be.

Generally speaking, though, you want your home to be a neutral color. White, beige, and gray are all popular neutral colors that won’t negatively impact the resale value of your home. However, the hybrid color greige can actually boost the resale value. The color is a cross between beige and gray, so it shows both warm and cool tones. White is a good trim color for a greige home.

Front Door

The trend in recent years has been to choose front doors that are in bold colors such as red, eggplant, or lime green. However, a recent report shows that such colors aren’t ideal for selling your home. Rather, potential home buyers prefer dark-colored doors such as charcoal, smoky gray, or even black. Such doors do convey a chic ambiance for your home’s entrance.


While the exterior of your home will entice potential home buyers inside, the kitchen is often the main selling point. Indeed, it’s an area that can either increase or decrease the offer potential buyers make on your house.

Current home buyers favor cool kitchen walls, particularly gray-blue colors. What’s more, homes with boldly colored cabinets also sell faster. Navy and red both make beautiful complements to gray-blue walls. Homebuyers also like the look of tuxedo cabinets or those with upper and lower cabinets in different colors. Satins and semi-gloss paints are ideal for such a high-use area.


Blue is a favorite in the bedroom, too. Houses with cerulean blue bedrooms have sold quicker and for a bit more money in recent years. The color looks especially attractive when matched with white trim. Such rooms tend to feel light and airy, which helps them look larger. If possible, also highlight any wood in your décor by keeping it natural, which will further complement the blue.


Regarding the bathroom, potential home buyers favor shades of blue here, too. A difference is that lighter hues are prized. A light periwinkle can work well, too. You especially want the bathroom to look bright and airy – you often don’t have as much natural light in a room where privacy limits the number of windows you can have.

The paint for your bathroom should feature a semi-gloss or eggshell finish. Both finishes stand up to moisture well. Likewise, make sure both the trim and the ceiling receive fresh paint to keep the improvement cohesive.

Living and Dining Rooms

Blue isn’t as favored for the living or dining room as it is for the rest of the house. Rather, potential home buyers tend to gravitate toward strict neutrals. Light beiges and gray-browns can help your room feel welcoming. What’s more, such neutral colors allow potential buyers to envision their own décor tastes in these public areas.

Transition Areas

In between all these rooms, you have spaces that need paint, too. The key here is to choose colors that flow well. Typically, the neutral color that you choose for your living and dining rooms should work well for the hallways and other transition areas. Just be sure that the color works well with the blues found in other areas of your home.

Have your house painted with colors that boost its resale value. Let Fagan Painting provide professional painting services.