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Connections You Can Make With Green Paint

Green is an interior paint color a lot of homeowners don’t think about. Maybe they picture grass green walls and imagine it’s not a suitable color for their homes. In fact, green comes in a multitude of shades and tints. What’s more, green, maybe more than any other color, draws natural connections. Those natural connections can help you choose Pittsburgh green paint for your rooms.

Connection to Nature

The obvious connection most people make with green is to nature. Most plants feature at least some green. Use this connection in any room you want to give a refreshing makeover to. If verdant green is too overpowering, consider a lighter shade of green. You can also choose verdant green for just an accent wall.

Connection to Food

Green makes connections to a range of plant-based foods, too. You see shades of green that match with foods such as peas, artichokes, lettuce, and even apples.

This connection would be ideal for any room where you want to stimulate the appetite, such as the kitchen or dining room. Choose a shade of Pittsburgh green paint that reminds you of your favorite food.

Connection to Youth

Perhaps because of its connection to nature, green is also associated with youth. Vibrant shades, such as lime, do a good job of promoting that connection. These shades wake you up and make you feel energized.

The obvious use for this connection is in a child’s bedroom. These colors also work well in guest bedrooms. Look for fabrics that feature that shade, say curtains or bedding. The pattern will help the room feel pulled together even with such a vibrant paint job.

Connection to the Past

Conversely, certain shades of green speak to times past. For instance, you can probably easily envision an avocado shade from the 1970s. Gentle minty green is also a color you might associate with your grandmother’s sitting room because the shade was popular in the early 1900s. Imagine green milk glass for the proper hue.

You can use these historical shades of green a couple different ways. One, you could add a modern spin, say by matching avocado green walls with modern furniture. You could also use the green shade to replicate the past. For instance, start with minty green walls in a sun room that you transform into an old-school sitting room.

Connection to Place

Different shades of green also show a connection to certain countries and cultures. For example, you probably think of jade when you imagine some Asian cultures. Olive green is common in many Mediterranean palettes.

If your décor style coincides with one of these places, you can use green paint to promote the connection. You don’t have to decorate completely in that style. Imagine you want to create a Zen ambience in your bathroom. You could paint the walls jade green and add a few items of Asian décor.

Connection to Spirit

In a similar way, green can show a connection to the spiritual. For those who practice feng shui, the color green represents new beginnings and fresh energy. For this idea, no one shade of green stands out. You could choose any shade that speaks to your spirit.

In feng shui practices, the color green is good for bedrooms and family areas. However, you could paint any room green where you want to feel a spiritual connection. A room where you practice meditation would be a likely candidate.

Connection to Wealth

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, green shows strong connections to wealth. Not only is American money green, but so are precious stones such as emerald and jade. So, the color green can feel like a wealthy shade.

The deeper shades of green are the ones that most draw this connection. You could paint green walls in a study or your home office. Mix in other deep colors, such as burgundy or brown, for a touch of elegance.

When you’re ready to add Pittsburgh green paint to your interior décor, contact Fagan Painting LLC.