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4 Paints to Increase Natural Light

Natural light comes with a lot of benefits in your everyday life. A lot of Pittsburgh natural light will help decrease the energy costs as you rely less on artificial light and natural light has a number of positive effects on your mood.

Along with the windows in your home, the walls and paint offer a number of ways to reflect light and increase the natural look in a home. Learn a variety of ways professional painters can add natural light to your home.

1. Gloss Paint

Paint colors come in a number of finishes. When you want to increase the natural light in your home, choose a finish with the most reflective options. Gloss paint has a shiny finish which will reflect the light and illuminate a room. 

Even darker colors will reflect light, but brighter colors and pastels will help reflect the most light. If a glossy finish is too bright, consider a semi-gloss which still reflects a lot of light, but reduces the shine of the paint.

Ask to see paint samples to help visualize the differences between gloss, semi-gloss, and other paint options like satin. Seeing them in person makes a big difference on the overall view and perception of the paint finishes.

2. White Paint

When you want to reflect the most light, select a white paint for the walls. The white may seem plain, but accent pieces and framed photos add pops of color and designs to the room. As you select a white paint, there are numerous shades to select from. 

Choose the whitest white for the best reflection options. Whites including titles like “Ultra Pure White” will help you get the brightest and most vibrant white color available. You do not want a white with any type of grey included in the colors. When you find the brightest white to use in your home, choose the glossy option to increase the reflective factor.

3. Ceiling Paint

Along with white paint for the walls, consider painting the ceiling white. The ceiling will not only help reflect natural light into the whole room, but lamps and overhead lights will also reflect off the white. If both the walls and ceiling are painted white, then you should consider adding colored trim to separate the walls and ceiling.

For example, a light blue gloss trim would still reflect light, but add some depth and balance between the ceiling and the room. You may also choose a light color tint for the ceiling. For example, you could add a light yellow tint to the white paint for the ceiling color.

Not only does the white paint application help increase natural light, but the paint makes the room feel bigger overall.

4. Golf Leaf Accent Walls

If you seek out a more eclectic paint design, consider an accent wall with a gold leaf finish. The gold leaf creates a unique look to the room and the gold will reflect natural light with a nice golden glow. Ideally, thee accent wall would be painted on the opposite side of a window. This way, more light will reflect off the gold leaf. 

Gold leaf may take up a whole section of a wall or act as an accent with a base paint color. For example, you could mix a light grey base with gold leaf elements scattered around the wall.

Along with the gold leaf, consider other reflective materials which add to the quirkiness of the installation. For example, there is silver or bronze leaf. The finished option would depend on the other decor options you have in the room.

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