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5 Foyer Problems You Might Solve With Paint Choice

Are you unhappy with the foyer in your home? Foyers are an important feature of many homes, but they can be challenging spaces to decorate and paint. However, with the right strategy, you can use something as simple as a fresh coat of Pittsburgh foyer paint to revitalize your foyer and solve a variety of problems. Here are five of these challenges and how to resolve them with paint. 

1. A Foyer That’s Too Large

An expansive foyer on a large home is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it appears dramatic and grand. On the other hand, though, it may be overwhelming and boringly monochromatic. 

Large foyers often benefit from building contrast into the color scheme. Using contrasting colors — light and dark — in the top and bottom halves of walls breaks them up and makes them seem smaller. Use different shades on trim, wainscoting, molding, and stair elements. You may also be able to add a contrasting color on an opposing accent wall that makes it appear closer and cozier. 

2. A Foyer That’s Boring

The foyer is the first space that visitors see when they enter your home, so it sets the tone for their experience. What does yours say about the décor and style of your house? If it’s lacking, consider adding a bolder color palette that reflects your personality. Make this space a miniature version of your style in other rooms, bringing in colors, patterns, and textures from elsewhere. 

3. A Foyer That’s Overused

Foyers in areas with harsh weather — and in particular, rear foyers — must survive the elements and rough use. For these, you may want to focus more on the durability of the paint itself and its ability to keep up its appearance. Look for paints resistant to stains, marks, and moisture issues. When you choose colors, opt for shades that are less likely to show wear — perhaps use darker gray or beige neutrals rather than lighter ones. 

4. A Foyer That’s Dark

Depending on your home’s layout, the foyer may be placed in a location with little natural lighting. If it’s been carved out of the living room or sandwiched between other rooms, for instance, it may not have any windows of its own. And a solid door or second floor may prevent you from adding any more sunlight. What can you do then? 

First, you may want to work with lighter shades that will help open up the space rather than darker ones that make it feel smaller. In addition, high-gloss paints on walls or the ceiling help reflect available light off the walls. Additionally, metallic paint and accessory colors can help not only reflect light but also give the room a lighter, shimmery feel. 

5. A Foyer That’s Too Small

Perhaps your problem isn’t an expansive foyer but one that is little more than a nook with a coat rack. If so, make the foyer stand out even if it’s essentially part of the living room by using a slightly different color scheme. This scheme should include one or two colors from the surrounding rooms but make it just a little different by utilizing one or two that are unique. 

No matter what challenges your foyer faces — from size to lighting to functionality — working with interior paint professionals will help conquer them. Fagan Painting is ready to help Pittsburgh area homeowners. We will assess your foyer and help you find the right combination of Pittsburgh foyer paint colors, glosses, and durability that will make it into the best space it can be. Make an appointment today to get started.