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Pittsburgh Professional Painting and Home Insurance Inspections

If you buy a new house or seek out cheaper home insurance rates, one of the big parts of the process is the home insurance inspection. An inspector will check out the condition of your home and may have some criteria before you can get full coverage for your house. One area where an inspector may focus on is the exterior paint of your home.

Several factors come into play with the exterior paint. Learn what to look for and take care of before a Pittsburgh home insurance inspection. The fixes will not only improve your home but could increase the curb appeal and value as well.

Lead Paint Removal

One of the most hazardous elements associated with paint is lead. Before the mid-1970s, many homes were painted with lead paint. People were unaware of the dangerous side effects that too much lead exposure could lead to. So, if your home was built before 1978 and has original paint, then chances are the paint does contain lead.

Simply painting over the lead paint will not alleviate the problem. Professional painting services will safely remove the lead paint and provide new paint for your home. Along with professional experience, professionals have the proper tools and equipment to safely dispose of the lead paint on the exterior of your home.

You may not know exactly if you had lead paint on your home, but you shouldn’t take any chances and impact your Pittsburgh home insurance inspection qualifications. The removal will not only help your insurance but could make a difference in your health as well.

Waterproof Elements

Paint is not just a visual decoration; it often acts as a protective layer over vulnerable areas. If you have wood siding, shudders, or wooden baseboards, then the exposed wood could easily become vulnerable to moisture and rot if left untreated. A home insurance company could see those areas as a risk.

Professional painters will sand away chipped or cracked layers of paint and replace the layers with new waterproof coats of paint. The extra layers will add protection to vulnerable parts of your home and create a nice finish that compliments the rest of the siding and color elements.

Paint Bubble Removal

If you inspect the exterior siding of your home, you may notice that the paint has bubbles on it. Bubbles could appear as small clusters or large in size. The bubbles may not have chips or cracks, but could still present potential problems for a home insurance company. Bubbles form in a variety of ways. There could be dirt or moisture trapped underneath the paint.

The bubbles could form when the paint starts to naturally peel away from the home. The peeling paint could worsen over time and act as a reg flag for inspectors. To fix bubble issues, professional painters will remove the paint, powerwash the surface of the home, and then apply a new layer of paint once everything has dried.

In some areas, the painters may sand or scrub to create a smooth surface and prevent bubbles from forming in the future. In cases where bubbles formed due to high heat, you may consider the use of a lighter color that will not absorb as much of the sunlight.

Exterior Structure Painting

Along with your main home, a Pittsburgh home insurance inspection will also take a look at any other structures on your property. Exterior structure painting will update the paint to match the home and eliminate potential problems. The areas may include stand-alone garages, sheds, or pool houses. A paint refresh could make a big difference and add extra protection just like the home.

Contact us at Fagan Painting LLC to set up an appointment before your Pittsburgh home insurance inspection. Our professionals will evaluate the exterior of your home and make the necessary changes.