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Want to Have Dark Walls in Your Pittsburgh Home? Here’s How

Too many homeowners believe that interior paint colors must be light and airy. While light colors can make a space feel larger, while dark walls in your Pittsburgh home can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living space.

You might feel a little intimidated about covering a wall in your home with dark paint. However, when you take the time to thoughtfully plan out the painting process, you will find that you can pull off dark walls that will transform and elevate the look of your home’s interior.

Create an Accent Wall

Since dark paint colors can make a room feel smaller, avoid painting all of the walls in a given living space with the same dark paint. The easiest way to achieve a sophisticated and polished look is to focus on creating an accent wall.

Select a wall that makes up one of the shorter sides of a rectangular room. Dark walls in your Pittsburgh home can elongate the room and draw the eye inward. Be sure that you paint any finishes or moldings on the wall in the same dark color to avoid making your walls look shorter.

If you pick the right wall and create an accent feature using dark paint, you will be able to seamlessly incorporate a dark paint color into any room within your home.

Select the Right Finish

The finish you select will have a significant impact on the overall appearance of any dark paint you incorporate into your home.

Darker paint colors contain more colorants than light paints. Since colorants tend to boost sheen, a dark and rich paint color will already have a bit of luster. If you don’t want to enhance this natural luster, choose a satin instead of a semi-gloss.

Darker paint colors tend to show dirt and damage more readily than their lighter counterparts. This means that you will need a paint finish that allows for routine cleaning.

A matte or eggshell finish will show flaws (like brushstrokes, fingerprints, or smudges) and can be harder to clean without damaging the paint itself. Satin or semi-gloss dark colors are more durable over time.

Don’t Dismiss the Ceiling

Few homeowners consider ceilings when they think about painting the walls in their home. The reality is that the ceiling is essentially the fifth wall in any room. You can easily create a dramatic and unique living space by choosing to use a dark color on your ceiling.

Dark walls in your Pittsburgh home are perfect for low-slung ceilings. They can create the illusion of infinite space, allowing your room to feel much more spacious than it really is.

Select a paint color that is represented in a subtle way throughout the room. You may want to select an accent color from your area rug or a color from the fabric of your furnishings.

You can achieve a cohesive and attractive look by pairing a dark ceiling that pays homage to one of the subtle colors in your decor.

Create Adequate Contrast

Dark colors love contrast. The key to pulling off dark walls within your home is to decorate the room with contrast in mind.

You will want to utilize light-colored furnishings to bring some balance to a room with a dark wall. You can also hang artwork that complements the dark wall color but adds a pop of interest to the space when you create contrast.

Keep the color palette of your decor as light and airy as possible when decorating a space with a dark wall, and you will find that the contrast helps create a stunning visual aesthetic.

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