hardwood floor staining and finishing SERVICES

major scrapes? damaged hardwood? separated floorboards? Not an issue. The experts at Fagan Paitnnting will expertly repair these damaged areas if you use our hardwood refinishing services. Your floors will be returned to their original hue and sparkle after we’re done. You could even forget that your flooring ever suffered damage after witnessing the results.



The flooring you choose will have a significant influence on how your house looks. Making the proper decision the first time might save you money and hassle. The first step in preserving the endurance and beauty of your hardwood floor is sealing the wood, regardless of whether you are sanding old wood floors, repairing old hardwood floors, or having new hardwood flooring placed.

refinishing wood stairs

As a result of regular usage, the finish on treads, risers, stringers, railings, and spindles collects dirt and oils, eventually making them seem old, worn out, and faded. We can quickly and efficiently repair these stairs components while retaining their durability so they appear brand new.


Why refinish your floors:

  • Improve the lifespan and toughness of it.
  • Improve the area’s usability while enhancing its standing
  • Boost the value of your house
  • Defend it from expensive water and moisture damage.
  • Reduce the quantity of dents, scratches, and other flaws significantly.
  • Give your stairs and flooring a fresh, uniform color and finish.


If you’re ready to explore your wood floor stain options or finish possibilities further, contact Fagan Painting LLC. We use premium materials to ensure we deliver the quality results you deserve. Give us a call today at 412-680-0102 to get a free estimate.