Painting Your Meditation Room? 4 Suggestions

Meditation rooms are calm, low-key places. One of the ways that you can create a quiet, zen-like environment is by ...
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Frequently Asked Questions About Interior Paint Damage

Homes usually outlive the interior and exterior paint that covers them. Accumulated damage can cause your interiors to look faded, ...
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2 Common Failings That Hinder Easy Wallpaper Removal

Whether you love wallpaper or not, sometimes those strips of printed wall décor must come off. You may need to ...
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Want to Have Dark Walls in Your Home? Here’s How

Too many homeowners believe that interior paint colors must be light and airy. While light colors can make a space ...
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3 Most Common Problems With Home Exterior Paint

Your home's exterior appearance is a significant factor that can determine its value. This is one of the reasons renowned ...
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4 Reasons Why Businesses Need New Exterior Paint

Business owners usually search for ways to draw traffic into their shops or offices. The effort often relies on advertising ...
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4 Things to Know About Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Do you know the last time your home's exterior received a fresh coat of paint? If you cannot recall the ...
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Color Options Besides White for Your Interior Trim

White is a classic color for interior trim. Most painters don't use a true white but one of the shades ...
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Stripes, Dots, and Accent Walls: Add Style With Paint

Freshly painted walls brighten and modernize rooms, but some homeowners feel bored by an endless swath of a single color. ...
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Color Strategies and Interior Paint Schemes

Color can make a major impact on the mood of your home's occupants and visitors. For example, bold reds and ...
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