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4 Reasons Why Businesses Need New Exterior Paint

Business owners usually search for ways to draw traffic into their shops or offices. The effort often relies on advertising and exterior signage. However, one of the fastest and easiest ways for businesses to draw more attention and improve their image is with a fresh coat of Pittsburgh exterior paint or a new paint scheme.

Learn more about the four ways you could boost customer interest in your business by refreshing your paint.

1. Make It Stand Out

Buildings in commercial areas often have a generic look. The construction of all buildings on a block may have taken place at the same time, so each structure looks like the one beside it. The problem of blending into the background can also occur if the exterior matches the surrounding vegetation or has the same beige shade as the concrete sidewalks or streets.

Business owners with this problem may have new customers calling to ask for better directions after they failed to find the location on their own. Some may mention that they almost drove past or say how hard finding the place was despite adequate signage and lighting.

A custom exterior paint job can make a building stand out from all others. Some buildings need a total change in exterior color. Others get the impact they need from painting the front entrance or the trim in an eye-catching shade. The change will enable all customers to see the building sooner, and employees can use the paint scheme when giving directions.

2. Improve a Shabby Exterior

Curb appeal matters even more for a business than it does for a home because it can affect the ability of the company to survive in a competitive marketplace. Peeling or faded paint can make a property look unkempt. Commercial property with this appearance may give people the impression the business is failing.

A fresh coat of paint updates the property instantly. The building will look cleaner and better maintained. Good curb appeal lets customers know that the business cares about their reputation and the opinions of their customers.

3. Update Unappealing Existing Colors

Sometimes, people do not pick out the right paint scheme. The exterior may look unappealing when a new owner takes over, or it may not match the business. Colors influence human psychology. A bright red paint may have been perfect when the building housed a gym, but it does not appeal to the customers entering a spa.

Business owners should choose a color that matches the mood they want their customers to feel when they think of the company. A spa painted in forest green or tranquil blue would appeal more to people seeking a relaxing experience. An elegant restaurant or retailer that specializes in luxury goods may want to consider a deep purple for a royal flair.

4. Help Colors Coordinate with Branding

Many companies set themselves apart from the rest by adopting colors that become a part of their brand. For example, people instantly recognize the package delivery company with brown vans. Sometimes, the colors chosen for branding do not mix well with the colors on the exterior of the building.

Why spend a lot of money developing an identity and then not use it on the largest advertising space owned? Another concern is that people often incorporate their branding colors into logos and business signage. The look becomes diminished when those colors are not as noticeable as the exterior paint or they clash with it.

Paint transforms the look of any building. Used correctly, a repaint can make architectural features stand out, give the illusion of a larger building, and make the business seem more modern. At Fagan Painting LLC, our team will help you create the look you want. Contact us for an estimate or to learn more about our services.